Plastic Lever Pump

PART # 601030



  • PART # 601030
  • Lever-action barrel pump, designed for use with high viscosity oils, agricultural chemicals, etc. Pump design makes it extremely convenient and comfortable to pump thick oils without excessive fatigue.
  • Choice of materials used in the pump’s construction make it versatile for use with water-based media and select chemicals
  • Built-in 2” bung adaptor and integrated lock nut (to adjust pump position)
  • Pump outlet is fitted with an air vent cap which when loosened breaks the siphon action
  • Supplied complete with suction tube for use with 15 to 55-gallon (50 to 205-L) drums and 2 m x 3/4” flexible corrugated discharge hose
  • WETTED COMPONENTS: Polyacetal, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC and Viton
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Water-based media, detergents, soaps, antifreeze, windshield washer, hydraulic oils, lubricants, herbicides, pesticides, AdBlue, urea, DEF, etc.
    Non-flammable liquids ONLY.
  • DO NOT USE WITH: With any media not compatible with materials used in pump construction.
    Never use for fuel transfer or with thinners, solvents, etc.


  • DELIVERS: 1 pt (500 ml) / stroke


  • 6 Months
  • Maktig products are warranted to be free of material and manufacturing defect. Misuse and abuse is not covered under warranty MSDS Sheet Required
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