Grease Filler Pump

PART # 600450



  • PART # 600450
  • Easy to use grease filling solution to load bulk or combination grease guns from bulk grease pails
  • No mess or waste, full economy in buying bulk grease
  • Complete unit includes zinc-plated 18” (457 mm) pump with zinc die-cast pump head and cast aluminum adjusting flange, 12” (310 mm) drum cover, follower plate (rubber lining) and female loader fitting
  • Brass piston rings mounted on zinc die-cast piston for minimal wear
  • Complete with female loader adaptor: For use with American tapered 0.58” (14.7 mm) male loader fittings.
  • For 25–50 lb / 5-gallon / 20–30 kg containers.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Light and self-collapsing grease up to and including NLGI No. 2
  • WARNING: Never exert undue pressure on lever handle.
    Prime pump prior to first use by pouring 30 ml oil in pump outlet and operating lever handle until grease starts dispensing.


  • OD steel end: 9-1/2” (241mm)
  • OD plate: 11-11/32” (288 mm)
  • ID Grommet: 1-4/25” (29.5 mm)
  • DELIVERS: 28 g (1 oz) / stroke


  • 6 Months
  • Maktig products are warranted to be free of material and manufacturing defect. Misuse and abuse is not covered under warranty MSDS Sheet Required
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