MÄKTIG Bench Grinders: Abrase, Brush or Polish With the Best

It is imperative for your workshop to be equipped with a bench grinder to properly smooth out edges during fabrication work or to give a second life to your cutting tools, screwdrivers and any other tools that have been dulled over time. However, this unique piece of equipment is also very useful to precisely brush and surgically smooth out metal welds on various components. With a polishing and finishing wheel, you can give that piece of aluminum or stainless steel a bright finish.

But is your bench grinder only a motor with a wheel on each side? Absolutely not. There are many characteristics a bench grinder can and must have in order to deliver the performance and results you need. Of course, the motor is at the core of this indispensable tool, providing not only adequate amounts of power for the wheels to curate anything you want to put on them, but also the appropriate safety barriers to protect the internal components.

We have a MÄKTIG bench grinder for your application

First off, MÄKTIG grinders are equipped with powerful ⅓, ½ and ¾ horsepower single phase induction motors that will spin at up to 3600 RPM. We offer several types of bench grinders, from regular duty all the way to heavy duty and commercial use units.

Every MÄKTIG bench grinder is equipped with eye shields that are not only designed to protect your eyes, face and body from shrapnel and harmful sparks, but also, in some cases, act as a magnifier that lets you keep a precise eye on your work. Finally, both commercial units come with integrated lighting and practical cooling trays to keep the hot sparks confined to a specific area

One bench grinder; countless possibilities

Your MÄKTIG bench grinder comes with two high-quality grinding wheels. These have an excellent lifespan and performance. However, you may outfit your bench grinder with a variety of wheels, from flap wheels and brush wheels to wire wheels and polishing wheels.

The bench grinder is not the most glamorous tool in your workshop, but because of its problem-solving capacities, it can turn your work into a success. If you don’t want to leave that to chance, check out our products section to see which MÄKTIG bench grinder is right for your business!

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