MÄXIMUM GRIP: Choosing the Right Vise

Within the confines of your workshop often lie problems that require a good, strong second pair of hands to solve. When human hands just won’t do the trick, a vise acts like a coworker with such a powerful grip that those time-consuming issues are resolved quickly. Whether you’re looking to meticulously assemble a part, cut a piece of material, or dismantle two stubborn, seized parts or components, a vise should be your go-to tool.

Tensile Strength: Measuring Your Vise’s Toughness

Whatever the problem may be, your vise needs to have specific qualities to get the job done, and strength is undoubtedly the most important. Tensile strength is an indication of how your vise will resist the daily abuse you’ll submit it to. But more scientifically, tensile strength is the ability of a material to withstand a pulling force.

Many vises are designed to be subjected to powerful forces, but MÄKTIG vises can handle pressure ranging from 80,000 PSI to 120,000 PSI, making them far superior to other vises that are only 50 000psi. With this kind of tensile strength, your MAKTIG vise can withstand shocks from hammering, chipping, pulling, and dismantling, undoubtedly making it an excellent problem solver.

Versatility: A MÄKTIG Vise for Every Application

Another option you’ll want to consider when choosing your vise is whether you want a fixed base or swivel unit. Automotive mechanics will appreciate the swivel type for versatility and practicality while working on long parts, for instance. Meanwhile, fabricators can take full advantage of the fixed unit and its excellent mass.

As far as gripping goes, the MÄKTIG jaws crafted on every MÄKTIG vise are specifically designed and CNC-tested for maximum grip. These jaws are interchangeable and will hold anything you put between them.

To top it off, all MÄKTIG vises carry a lifetime warranty* so you can rest assured that your trusty vise will remain a major asset in your workshop, long into the future.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate tensile strength for heavy-duty manufacturing work or maximum versatility and precision with a swivel, there’s a MÄKTIG vise specifically designed for your needs. Check the specifications, starting with the weight. Our vises range from 32 to 92.5 lbs. with throat depths of up to 4 inches and jaw openings that can accommodate objects up to 8 inches wide.

Visit our products section to choose the vise that best suits your applications!

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