MÄKTIG grease guns: lubrication – the right way!

In the past, every car owner had to regularly grease many components of their automobile. Components like axles and driveshaft bearings weren’t sealed, meaning they had to be lubricated constantly so they didn’t wear out prematurely. Modern technologies have increased the intervals between greasing – and in many cases, sealed bearings have removed the need entirely – but some parts still need regular lubrication when the car is up on a lift.

Fortunately, MÄKTIG offers a large array of grease pumps, from small pumps for use in compact spaces to large industrial units that you stick directly in a 55-gallon drum, there is a MÄKTIG product for the job.


Handheld for more control

Let’s start with the smallest pump, the Compact Lever Grease Gun (part number #600028). Its small size makes it ideal for use in cramped spaces, but it still delivers 6,000 PSI of pressure and holds 3 ounces of grease.


Moving up, we have the Mini Pistol-Grip Grease Gun – Deluxe (#600034). This little gun offers a handy grip – meaning it’s easier to operate with one hand – and is loaded with cartridges for extra convenience.

MÄKTIG offers two styles of full-sized grease-guns, the Professional and the Heavy-Duty Lever Grease Gun (#600022 and #600020, respectively). Both can be filled either from a drum by suction, by a pump, or by sliding a grease cartridge inside. They differ in their specifications, however; the Professional gun has a cast-iron head and holds 14 ounces of grease. The Heavy-duty unit adds features like a thicker barrel and variable stroke for use in confined spaces.

There is even a variation of the full-size gun – the Ultimate Variable Stroke All Weather Pistol Grease Gun – developed especially for low-temperature use (#600033). Thanks to its variable stroke design, it can deliver high pressure, which is necessary when the grease is cold and thick. Its pistol-style grip is invaluable when working in confined spaces.

If you want to spend less time pumping and more time greasing, the Air-Operated Grease Gun (#600050) is for you. It can work with as little as 40 PSI of air pressure (or up to 120 PSI), pumps continuously and will deliver up to 14 ounces of grease per minute.


For the big jobs

In some workshops, a handheld grease gun isn’t going to cut it. Whether you use industrial quantities of lubricant or simply don’t want to fill a reservoir every five minutes, a drum-mounted pump is ideal. With the Air-Operated 50:1 Grease Pump (#600460), you can inject up to 1.1 kg of grease every minute at pressures of up to 7,500 PSI. For more mobility, consider the trolley-mounted pump (#600465); it includes our 50:1 Grease Pump, which has a steel trolley and a filter-regulator unit that ensures that air entering the pump is dust-free.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention one of MÄKTIG’s newest products, the Quick Lock Grease Coupler (#600140). This coupler fits on the tip of many of our products thanks to its 1/8″ NPT threads. It has 6 points of contact with the grease nipple and features spring-actuated hardened steel cylindrical balls that disengage at the press of a lever. This ensures you can easily fit the coupler and do the job without risk of leaks.

Check out our products section for all specifications. MÄKTIG is an exclusive collection of premium quality tools and equipment available at Auto Parts Plus and Bumper to Bumper stores.

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