The Lumen: The Difference Between Light and Dark

Every time we talk about lights, the word lumen is mentioned. A lumen is a unit of measure for brightness. However, the performance of a work light doesn’t revolve entirely on how many lumens it has.

Technically Speaking

A lumen is the measure of luminous flux and amount of visible light emitted by a source. The American National Standards Institute defined it back in 1992, and it is now used globally as the official way to measure brightness. Here are a few pointers of what a lumen is: the average car light produces around 700 lumens, while an HID headlight on high beams will output up to 3,500 lumens.

From Bright to Brightest

MÄKTIG offers various lights for everyday workshop usage and have different intensities.
One of the smallest flashlight in MÄKTIG’s catalog has an output of 100 lumens (part number 702245). It has a range of 50 metres and can be fine-tuned: if you want a little less light, the low setting will output 30 lumens.

Moving up, MÄKTIG offers a larger, 250-lumen flashlight powered by AA batteries. This one has double the range of the previous one and can dial down its power to 70 lumens.

MÄKTIG’s product number 702107 outputs up to 1,100 lumens on its highest setting—making it more powerful than a standard car’s headlight—and is strong enough to sustain large impacts. It can swivel 180 degrees and you can even charge it using a USB port in your truck!

Rechargeable COB LED Work Light (702107)

The Focus of The Beam

Having a powerful lamp at hand is great, but getting the light where you need it is also essential. As an example, let’s take the 200-lumen rechargeable lamp (number 702230); while it is 50 lumens less bright than the one we just covered, its sharper beam means it has a range of 140 metres and low setting of 100 lumens.

Another great product is the frontal lamp: it has a max output of 150 lumens—making it more powerful than the small hand-held flashlight—but its broad beam will illuminate even the smallest details. Its DEL COB light won’t heat up your forehead, and its recharging capability makes it handier than having to change batteries every time.

MÄKTIG work lamps not only offer a product for every application in the workshop, they are also backed by a 1-year warranty. Please refer to our products section for more information about our lighting solutions here:

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