MÄKTIG Lights: From Bulb to LED… And Beyond

One of the most important objects in your toolbox isn’t designed to unbolt, drive or cut; it actually can’t fix anything. However, if you lose it, you’ll quite literally be left in the dark.
Let’s shed some light on LED technology and the reasons work lamps are so important in the workshop.

In the Beginning Was The Bulb

Back then, if you wanted to have a better view of a dark spot under the hood, you had to use a corded lamp with an incandescent bulb. While the corded lamp did an okay job, it suffered from numerous drawbacks: the cord would frequently get tangled around parts of the car, or if you weren’t careful, the protective grille would get hot, and around gasoline it could pose a fire hazard. Also, the bulb would shatter if you dropped the lamp. They are no longer legal in a garage setting.

Clearly, the arrival of the LED light was a good thing.

Today’s Offerings

As you are probably well aware, LED work lights offer impressive resistance to shattering, they also run at next to none operating temperatures and are much more compact. Since LEDs are very efficient, they last pretty long on a single charge.

MÄKTIG offers a wide variety of LED work lights, ranging from the small-yet-useful 7-LED pocket light all the way to a 36-LED work light with a 5-LED flashlight on top of it. Some of them feature a swivel base for more precise lightning, while others come with a magnetic base or back for more convenience.

Moreover, MÄKTIG engineered a unique foldable under hood SMD lamp, which is perfect to completely illuminate an engine. Whatever your needs are, MÄKTIG offers a product that is right for you.

The Future of Lighting

Now, there is a new technology in the LED world: COB LED (Chip on Board). Basically, this means that the chip diode is built directly into the circuit board. There are no spot solderings, which means less chance of failure. Since there are fewer parts, heat conductivity drops by 25% compared to a regular LED.

Lenses are no longer necessary with COB, and since the whole package is much more compact, you can fit more LED units into a smaller frame. All this makes for a more efficient light that will last longer and can withstand harsher impacts.

MÄKTIG offers LED, SMD and COB LED products that will illuminate any problem you encounter in the workshop, and every single lamp comes with the technology, quality and sturdiness you’d expect from all MÄKTIG products.

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