Which Pump to use for What Fluid?

The various pumps around the shop are probably the items you don’t really think about when you’re at work. They are there, they do their jobs when you need them to, and you probably have used them hundreds of times without a second thought unless you have ever used the wrong pump.

DEF, grease, fuel, chemicals and coolant pumps are made of different materials because they all can handle different loads, pressures, and fluids. It’s important to know which material works the best for the work you need to do.

For water-based media and corrosive chemicals: nylon or composite are best

For moving chemicals and water-based media, a steel pump wouldn’t work for very long. Therefore, MÄKTIG has a full line of composite pumps tailored to specific applications.

If you pump anything water-based, you want to opt for a stainless-steel pump like the 304 Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Pump (# 600549). Because of to its SS304 body, rotor, and discharge spout, it can pump pretty much any water-based liquid.

Need to pump fuel or petroleum-based product but can’t use an electrical pump? The Double Diaphragm Fuel Transfer Pump (# 601060) is perfect for this application. Its hi-nitrile rubber diaphragm and stainless body can handle diesel, gasoline, and oils with ease. A word of caution: these pumps aren’t playing well with ethanol; if your fuel has more than 10% of ethanol in it, we don’t recommend using this specific unit.

The Nylon Chemical Pump (# 601004) is perfect for lacquer thinners, acetone, antifreeze, brake cleaner, detergents, glycerine, water, weed killer, Urea, DEF, and petroleum-based media.


The DEF Case

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a relative newcomer in the shops. Handling it requires special care, and you’re bound to see more and more of it in the coming years. Therefore, investing now in a good DEF setup (pump, storage…) will pay dividends quickly.

Pumps like the Nylon Chemical Pump (# 601004) and the Plastic Lever Pump (# 601030) have been designed from the ground-up to handle DEF. If you need to pour larger quantities of liquid, you can switch to the Plastic DEF Rotary Pump (# 600548), which will move up to 5 litres per 20 turns of the crank.

Finally, if you prefer not to do the pumping by hand, MÄKTIG offers an amazing solution: the Cordless Electric Drum Pump (# 601625). This piece of equipment will pump DEF, diesel, antifreeze, water, detergents, herbicides, pesticides, kerosene, light oils, and so on. It will deliver up to 28 LPM and 410 L on a single battery charge. This pump is versatile, too; because of its design, you can use it on a 205L drum or a 1,000 L tote.

Check out our products section for all specifications. MÄKTIG is an exclusive collection of premium quality tools and equipment available at Auto Parts Plus and Bumper to Bumper stores.

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